Have Winter Hair Accessories & How to Style Them

Have you ever woken up on one of those bitter winter mornings only to discover that your hair is full of static, frizz and completely unmanageable? On days like this many of us simply opt for throwing our hair into a messy bun and rushing out the door, but we’re here to help you change your ways and liven up your hair routine!

It’s easy to get in a rut when it comes to our hair during these chilly winter months, but luckily, we have found the perfect solution for anyone who is lacking inspiration for unruly winter tresses: ACCESSORIES. Whether it be the latest trendy hat or a classic girly ribbon, accessories can seriously elevate an outfit while also providing a foolproof solution to taming wild winter locks. Never underestimate the power of a good hair accessory, lovelies.

For all the beautiful Luxy ladies in need of a mid-winter pick me up for their hair, not to fret, we got you covered. Follow along for eight of our must-have hair accessories for the winter along with our favourite tips and tricks to styling them:

Need the Human Hair Extensions