The Hair Color Ring Sample

Below, you have the color chart where you can peruse all available color options for our extension. Each color has its own color code. While pointing at the color, the name of the color and code will pop up. With just a click, you will see every available item in that particular color. Rapunzel extensions are available in a wide assortment of single, multi and crazy colors. Blending a few colors is an awesome method for accomplishing an all more energetic and natural-looking outcome!
If you require assistance in choosing a color that matches perfectly with your hair it’s easy to borrow our Color Ring. Likewise, you can order colors that you think will match your hair. If needed, you can always change your items to colors that are a better match.

The Right Color to Match Choose The Right Color

How can I see the colors in person before purchasing?

For your convenience, we have Swatches to help you in color matching your own hair to Cashmere Hair. Swatches are a small sample of the color of Cashmere Hair, and do no clasp on or fixed to your head. They are intended to be used just for color matching purposes. They are a small area of hair that can be used to place alongside and mix with your own natural hair. When ordering swatches, select the colors in the color family that are nearest to your hair color.

What part of my hair should the extensions match with?

While picking a color to match your own hair, pick a color that matches your hair from the center to the ends. Never pick the hair color of your “roots” as that tends to be a different color. The best color to pick for your hair will be the one that matches with the ends of your hair. We recommend to some of our customers to buy 2 sets, if your hair has multiple shades or in excess of 3 shades. Always match the Swatches to the ends of your hair.

When I receive my order, how will I know if they match my hair?

There is currently a different Tester Piece included into each set and is situated in a different section to test the color of Cashmere Hair to your hair. The tester piece is designed specially to be clipped in to your hair to check whether the color you chose is the ideal match. The tester piece is a full-sized side piece (3 inches) with 2 clips that can be clipped onto the side of your head to get an incredible view and thought of how well Cashmere Hair in the select color will mix with your color. This is the ideal way for you to test the color and length of your extensions without breaking the hygiene seal. If this seal is broken, then you are not qualified for a exchange or return. Kindly avoid wearing, or using heat tools and styling items on this tester piece, if you want to return your extensions, this piece must also be returned in an un-used condition and be item and fragrance free. When you are satisfied with the choice of your color selection, you can open the rest of the set and add this piece to it as some additional reward! Flawless to add to your ponytails!

Are Swatches the same quality as the hair extensions?

The purpose for swatches is just for color matching and are not of the same quality as the actual hair extensions.

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