Remy Clip In Human Hair Extensions


Item: Clip in Hair Extensions Full Head
Specification: 8 pieces per set!
20cm long x 2 pieces
15cm long x 2 pieces
10cm long x 2 pieces
5cm long x 2 pieces
Size & Weight & Quantity:
18 Inches = 45cm long, 140gram/set [Please note 18 inches is 140grams/set]
20 Inches = 50cm long, 150gram/set [Please note 20 inches is 150grams/set]
22 Inches = 55cm long, 160gram/set [Please note 22 inches is 160grams/set]
Colors Option:
Dark Color: 1# (Jet Black), 1B# (Natural Black), 2# (Darkest Brown), 4# (Dark Brown), 6# (Middle Brown)
Light Color: 27# (Light Brown), 613# (Light Blonde), 99J# (Burgundy Color)
Style: Straight Clip in Human Hair Extensions
100{8a3629ee3768405dae738a9e155596bbf853f43ee9005ea4bee997dbce57d614} Real Natural Human Hair Material Supply
Silky Straight Clip in Hair Full Head!
Can by Curl, Straight by Machine.
Can by Dye to More Dark Color!

Washing (reference picture above)
Using Loop Brush to detangle your hair from the ends to the top before washing!
Wash your hair gentle in a downward motion. After you have done rinse your hair thoroughly, make sure your hair is clean before use hair conditioner.
Conditioning your hair after every wash. Do not apply conditioner in the top area or near the attachments. It can loosen the attachments and make your extensions fall out.
Dry your hair gently (Best is let your hair dry naturally). Don’t rub it with a towel but move in a downward motion from top to ends. Gently detangle your hair.
Suggest don’t wash hair within 48 hours after get your hair extensions. Your stylist will give you instructions about this

Styling and Styling Products
Don’t use heat tools too often, just like with natural hair, too much mechanical heat will damage hair (the more you use, the shorter your hair extensions will last). When you do use heat tools, be sure to use a heat protectant. You can also use non-heat methods to curl your hair extensions.
Rubbing can cause the hair to tangle, use a Special Brush for hair extensions when brushing your hair. It is best to start at the ends of your hair, always brush in a downward motion. Brushing 2 to 3 times a da
Use a good conditioner to keep your hair soft. Don’t overdo it. Too much conditioner or any other hair care product can cause tangling.
Avoid hair products contain alcohol. Alcohol makes hair dry. Confirm with your stylist that all styling products (shampoo and conditioner) that you use are OK
Using Low power Straightening Irons to make your curl style and straight style. In a certain extent, Low Power Irons less damage to the hair extensions
Hair treatments
When you would like to perm or color your hair, don’t do it by yourself. Let your extension stylist take care of all chemical treatments you would like to do (Our hair extensions only support dye to darker color)
Sleeping and Swimming and Exercise
Don’t sleep with wet hair. Once your hair extensions are completely dry, braid hair or tie it in a loose ponytail. To prevent tangling as much as possible.
Avoid long exposure to chlorine and salt water. Chlorine and salt water can cause the hair to tangle and mat up.
Suggest to wear a swim cap or wear your hair up to keep it out of the water. Best to shampoo and condition your hair immediately after swimming.
In general, it is a good habit to wear your hair up or in a ponytail when you exercise.

Need the Human Hair Extensions